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Preservation and Archiving equipment exceeding the value of $3 million donated to the University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder has received a donation of over $3 million worth of preservation and archiving equipment. The school has a strong history in teaching experimental and documentary film, but not in film preservation or archiving. As a result of the newly donated equipment, the university will expand its film studies programme to include film preservation and archiving and by doing so will join the few other universities in northern America that offer courses in these subjects.

The donation comes from Wyndham Hannaway,  a visual efects specialist with over 35 years of experience with his company GWH&A. Perhaps it’s the business man in him, but Hannaway sees studying film preservation as a smart move for students. Now that film stock is widely being recognised as the safest archival material, he is clear that transfering digital imagery onto 35mm film is the best way to preserve images for long term future use. “One of the huge failings of our wonderful digital world is that we’re currently depending on long-term storage of most data on either magnetic media or flash drives.” he said. “Magnetic is fragile and flash is very expensive.”

Hannaway will also give of his time and expertise to the university as students will need training on the variety of machines and formats. Professor Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz, director of film studies at Boulder appreciates the importance of the donated equipment and the soon to be launched preservation and archival study programmes: “Preserving our film heritage is preserving American history.”


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