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Kodak are answering the ‘Call to Action’

At a recent informal symposium the importance of taking action to preserve today’s moving images was a primary topic. It is clear that film is revered for its archival quality and it is time that this was communicated more strongly to the entertainment community, argues Andrew Eventski, President and General Manager, Entertainment & Commercial Films, Eastman Kodak Company.

“At Kodak, we take this call to action seriously. It’s time to unite, and work together to raise awareness and create a future where modern art can still be seen for generations to come. We will continue to actively and exhaustively seek solutions to this issue”.

Eventski assures the independent filmmaking community concerned by the additional strain of archival copies on their budgets that they have the support of Kodak and many other entities associated with the image making community. Kodak also appeal for feedback from filmmakers about how Kodak can best meet their needs.

“It’s time to come together to make this a reality.”


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