The Cinema Museum Wins Time Out Award

Londoners voted the Cinema Museum “Most Loved Culture Spot” in the 2018 Time Out Love Awards. Established in 1986 by collectors Ronald Grant... Continue Reading

Weekend of Stan Brakhage films in Los Angeles

Starting Friday, April 13th, UCLA Film & Television Archive, Los Angeles Filmforum and Acropolis Cinema together will present three consecutive... Continue Reading

Reframing the Future of Film Roundtable

Members of the Indian film industry joined Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, Tacita Dean, and Christopher Nolan at Yashraj Studios in Mumbai... Continue Reading

Christopher Nolan to Present Dunkirk in 70mm IMAX in India

Dunkirk will be shown at Carnival Cinemas IMAX, Wadala, on March 31st as part of the fourth Reframing the Future of... Continue Reading

Films by Tacita Dean at Cinéma du réel

Each year, the In Between section of the Cinéma du réel international film festival in Paris highlights the work of... Continue Reading

Reframing the Future of Film in Mumbai

From March 30th to April 1st, Film Heritage Foundation will host Reframing the Future of Film in Mumbai, India. The... Continue Reading

Markopoulos’s Galaxie at Metrograph in New York City

This upcoming weekend, Metrograph in New York City offers two rare opportunities to see Gregory J. Markopoulos’s Galaxie (1966). The... Continue Reading

Shaw Brothers Classics Returning to Theaters

The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) recently announced a partnership with Celestial Pictures to redistribute thirty new restorations of Shaw... Continue Reading

Eight Oscar Nominations for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

When the nominations for the 90th Oscars were announced early Tuesday morning, Dunkirk received the second most, including nods for Best... Continue Reading

Help save The Cinema Museum

The Cinema Museum London, winner of a Time Out Love London award, is threatened with closure after South London &... Continue Reading

“Film in the Present Tense”

Labor Berlin, with the Film Institute of the Berlin University of the Arts, brings together artists, archivists, programmers, technicians, curators,... Continue Reading

You’ve surely heard … John Bailey is the new President of the Academy congratulates John Bailey in his new position as 36th President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.... Continue Reading

E K T A C H R O M E – Kodak revive their iconic film

Kodak Ektachrome will be back before the year is out. With its super fine grain, radiant colours and great contrast... Continue Reading

George Eastman Museum makes 35mm motion picture film from scratch

Drawing on techniques used in early motion picture film production, George Eastman Museum conservationists have fabricated black and white 35mm... Continue Reading

“There will be a digital fatigue” Laszlo Nemes

“People at some point will understand that they don’t want to spend money on an experience they can experience at... Continue Reading

Keeping it reel: Projectionists in pictures

“Film projection attracts unusual characters ” say projectionists Peter Bell and Alexa Raisbeck from the British Film Institute. Peter and... Continue Reading

Preservation and Archiving equipment exceeding the value of $3 million donated to the University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder has received a donation of over $3 million worth of preservation and archiving equipment. The... Continue Reading

Kodak’s Super 8 filmmaking revival

Just weeks after Super 8mm celebrated it’s half century, Kodak launch their first new Super 8 camera since 1982. The... Continue Reading

WHY WE FILM – help kickstart this film into production!

New York Public Library archivist and producer, Elena Rossi-Snook, will present the glories of FILM in ‘Why We Film’, a... Continue Reading

The National Film Preservation Board of America encourages preservation on photochemical film

As well as announcing the 25 titles selected this year to be named to the National Film Registry of the Library... Continue Reading

May the force be with you, Kodak

As Star Wars: the Force Awakens premiered on Monday in LA, Kodak announces anticipated profitablility in their film department for... Continue Reading

70mm: the premium viewing experience

Quentin Tarantino is cautiously optimistic that the preview release on 70mm of The Hateful Eight, being called the limited roadshow... Continue Reading

Is it time to bring back the projectionists?

Yes, yes, yes! Robbie Collins’ article in The Telegraph argues for the beauty, stability, durability, colour range and economy of... Continue Reading

50 years and still going strong!

1965-2015. On October, 24th 2015 Global Super8 Day celebrates 50 years of Super8 film with 89 events in 83 cities... Continue Reading

The Badlands Collective are doing GOOD things

When this trio aren’t busy making films, writing on films or prompting institutions to show more 35mm films, they are... Continue Reading

Cinemas must drastically improve or they will lose audiences, says Christopher Nolan

To kick start the London Film Festival’s LFF Connects series, Nolan joined savefilm steering group members artist Tacita Dean and,... Continue Reading

ART FORUM: the film issue

‘ANYONE WHO WORKS WITH FILM, whether they shoot, project, or preserve it, will bear witness to the hitherto unimaginable speed... Continue Reading

Christopher Nolan and Tacita Dean at London Film Festival

Following on from the success of ‘Reframing the Future of Film‘ held at The Getty (Los Angeles) this past March,... Continue Reading

This is Celluloid

A new willingness of archives to lend their prints has meant audiences, like those attending Anthology Film Achive’s ‘This is... Continue Reading

Support Éclair Group

One of the last photochemical film labs in France, Éclair, with locations spread across the country and a work force... Continue Reading

Film in Process: 16mm b&w processing in London

The 16mm facility in the Art Department of The University of East London is now also taking external orders to... Continue Reading

Kodak’s new package to help filmmakers who want to shoot on film

On Monday, Kodak launched a new initiatve to support independent filmmakers choosing to shoot on film: Kodak’s Independent Production Package.... Continue Reading

Kodak are answering the ‘Call to Action’

At a recent informal symposium the importance of taking action to preserve today’s moving images was a primary topic. It... Continue Reading

FILM as FILM : events and film screenings celebrating the work of Gregory J. Markopoulos

“The cultic aura that surrounds Markopoulos is intense, and Film as Film does little to diffuse it.” (Artforum) Film as... Continue Reading

How is photochemical film made?

The links in the chain of production at Kodak, once split between several continents, have now all been brought back... Continue Reading

Christopher Nolan Rallies the Troops to Save Film

Scott Foundas, Chief Film Critic at Variety, was granted exclusive access to ‘Reframing the Future of Film’, the private meeting... Continue Reading

Reframing the Future of Film: “We’re all in on Film” says Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke

‘Reframing the Future of Film’, an event hosted by the Getty in LA on Sunday 8th March saw commitments made... Continue Reading

Imago (the European Federation of Cinematographers) is calling a Conference of all film craft representatives in Brussels on March 21st/22nd

To meet the challenges of deteriorating working conditions, Imago (the European Federation of Cinematographers) is calling a conference of all... Continue Reading

Co-op Cinelab in Goa set to open as Kodak Cinelabs Mumbai suddenly closes

On Christmas Eve last year, The Celluloid Project was born saving the equipment from Kodak Cinelabs Mumbai, a KODAK IMAGECARE... Continue Reading

“Film is the Gold Standard of image making”, Paul Franklin (2015 Oscar and Bafta winner for Best Special Visual Effects)

Recently decorated for his achievements in Visual Effects for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, Paul Franklin talks to the BBC about the... Continue Reading

And the winner is … FILM! congratulates all the winners at the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs and the Oscars, particularly our supporters and advocates of... Continue Reading

Reframing the Future of Film

SaveFilm steering group member, Tacita Dean, and prominent SaveFilm supporters, award winning Director, Christopher Nolan and Kerry Brougher, Director of... Continue Reading

A great deal on FUJI reels!

Last chance to buy Fuji colour intermediate stock. 6 roll minimum order for Fujifilm 4511 Color Intermediate 35mm built for the... Continue Reading

KODAK will contine to provide motion picture camera negative, intermediate stock and archival and print film

“Film has long been – and will remain – a vital part of our culture,” said Jeff Clarke, Kodak chief... Continue Reading

Film didn’t die with Kodak’s chapter 11

See what photographer Matt Stuart; Liana Joyce (Lomography); Steven Vallis (Bayeux); Heinz Boesch (Impossible), Alison Rosenbaum (Silverprint) and David Guerrini-Nazoa... Continue Reading

“I’m as concerned about the exhibition process of 35mm as the production of photochemical film”, says Richard Linklater

“I sign every petition and I am a film guy,” said the “Boyhood” writer/director backstage after winning the award for... Continue Reading

39 US releases shot on 35mm film in 2014

Leading and award winning cinematographers consistently choose to shoot on film. “I’m such a believer in film,” says Robert Yeoman,... Continue Reading

Film Fighters, All in One Frame: J.J. Abrams, Judd Apatow, Bennett Miller, Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright

Nolan, Abrams, Judd Apatow, Bennett Miller and Edgar Wright were among those who made calls to Kodak and studio production... Continue Reading

In an all-digital future, it is new movies that will be in trouble

‘Within a few years, photochemical film has gone from an industry standard to a novelty act’ writes Bilge Ebiri. In... Continue Reading

Many award-winning movies and television shows are made on film

More than half of the 10 Golden Globe Best Motion Picture Films nominees were shot on KODAK film including BOYHOOD,... Continue Reading

Inherent Vice was shot on film by frequent Paul Thomas Anderson collaborator, cinematographer Robert Elswit

The 1970 Los Angeles of Inherent Vice is a land of contradicting moods: sprawling yet claustrophobic; sun-lit, yet disorienting. Paul... Continue Reading

Where do you go to watch FILM on FILM?

We need your help to compile a list of cinemas projecting film print. Contact us!       Image: Movie... Continue Reading

Film Ferrania – a new business model for a new era of film production

A successful future for film requires a fresh approach to production. Tens of billions of linear feet of motion picture... Continue Reading

Difret is Ethiopia’s Official Selection for the Academy Awards

Difret, written and directed by Zeresenay Berhane Mehari, has been submitted as Ethiopia’s entry for Oscar consideration under the Academy... Continue Reading

The Nitrate Picture Show

The world’s first Festival of Film Conservation, May 1-3, 2015 The inaugural edition of The Nitrate Picture Show: A Festival... Continue Reading

Christopher Nolan: there’s no reason film can’t continue to live alongside digital … and Michael Caine agrees

Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-boggling epic, was shot using a combination of 35mm anamorphic and 70mm Imax film, with the... Continue Reading

Support Christopher Nolan’s stance on film by buying tickets to ‘INTERSTELLAR’ on November 5 & 6

Starting November 5, INTERSTELLAR will screen in advance showings in 240 locations across the U.S. and Canada in 70mm IMAX,... Continue Reading

Listen to Quentin Tarantino talk about his new role as head programmer at LA’s New Beverly Cinema on KCRW’s The Treatment

On May 5th, 1978, the New Beverly theater re-opened under the new leadership of Sherman Torgen with a double feature... Continue Reading

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Christopher Nolan’s crusade to save photochemical film is working

Paramount and Warner Bros. announced Wednesday that theaters still equipped to play film will get Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ two days early... Continue Reading

Film Ferrania launches Kickstarter campaign in the hope to create a sustainable film business model for the 21st Century

The film industry has changed dramatically in the past ten years. Most film companies have struggled with the reduced demand,... Continue Reading

Save Film and Shoot It

Philipp Fleischmann and Christian Kurz agree. Film has to survive. Both are essential members of Vienna’s young film movement –... Continue Reading

That’s all, folks: what the end of 35mm film means for cinema

The whirr of the 35mm film camera is “like the strings on a puppet”, says Steve McQueen. “It’s not for... Continue Reading

Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Promises Double Features, Vintage Trailers, Tarantino Films & NO Digital. Ever.

Quentin Tarantino’s passion for the New Beverly Cinema began when he was just another kid showing up for the nightly... Continue Reading

KODAK – the latest listing of stocks to be discontinued … ORDER NOW!

KODAK Discontinued Listings are often overlooked. Don’t miss out on your last chance to order these stocks – last orders... Continue Reading

How many reasons are there to shoot on film?

Indiewire and Studio Daily investigate …

Take stock: saving film is about preserving movies, not fighting against digital

The rise of digital projection in movies marks one of the speediest changes in any industry. In fewer than 15... Continue Reading

George Eastman House curator, and steering group member, praises Kodak deal

Paolo Cherchi Usai, the senior curator of motion pictures at the George Eastman House, says the agreement between Kodak and... Continue Reading

The present may be digital, but don’t discount the future of film

‘A DCP is a digital cinema package, a hard drive with a movie loaded onto it. Most of the world’s... Continue Reading

Kodak and Studios set to join forces

Faced with the possible extinction of the material that made Hollywood famous, a coalition of studios is close to a... Continue Reading

“There’s nothing obsolete about 35mm” says film critic and supporter, Leonard Maltin

“It was a business decision to push digital projection. It was a business decision to adopt it. It’s a business... Continue Reading

Cannes 2014: Quentin Tarantino declares ‘cinema is dead’ ahead of Pulp Fiction screening

Quentin Tarantino has declared “cinema is dead” at the Cannes film festival, where he argued screening films in digital is... Continue Reading

Perseverance is the key

Perseverance is the key. While we are led to believe that no one is shooting on film anymore Wally Pfister,... Continue Reading

IMAGO pledges support for savefilm

The IMAGO board, on behalf of the 47 Cinematographer Societies it represents, offers their ‘unanimous’ and ‘wholehearted’ support in the... Continue Reading

At this cinema, the drama is all off screen

The Flick, this year’s wry, Pulitzer Prize winning play by Annie Baker about three misfits working in a single-screen cinema... Continue Reading

Looking for a lab?

Click here for KODAK’s comprehensive directory of working labs worldwide.      

HBO’s True Detective shot on film

True Detective, an eight-episode-series written by novelist Nic Pizzolatto for HBO and filmed on location in New Orleans not only... Continue Reading

Image: The Ritz Cinema, Barnsley, England. Courtesy of The Cinema Museum, London

Tacita Dean, on film

Tacita Dean’s, FILM, 2011, is an epic, episodic homage to the analogue processes of celluloid cinema. In this interview she... Continue Reading

Are movie studios forcing the industry to abandon 35mm film?

The consequences of major studios forcing the industry to abandon photochemical film in favour of going digital are far reaching.... Continue Reading

Christopher Nolan is a director firmly committed to shooting on film

The acclaimed director of such widely known films as Memento, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, speaks out about why... Continue Reading

Kodak Park is up for sale!

Kodak Park is on the market. What does this mean for film production? Kodak Park is where photochemical film is... Continue Reading

UK broadcasters accept super 16 film on HD channels

A Directors UK-led campaign to reinstate Super 16mm film for broadcast has been met with complete success, after the major... Continue Reading

8mm, 16mm, 35mm and … 70mm

Cigarettes & Red Vines offers an interesting and insightful look at 70mm film, the format favoured by Paul Thomas Anderson... Continue Reading

If so many prominent film directors believe in film, how can the industry stand by and allow laboratories to close and suppliers to go out of business?

Author and film-critic Leonard Maltin finds out that the premature burial of film is, indeed, premature and that there is... Continue Reading

Image: Poster by American Entertainment Company. Courtesy of The Cinema Museum, London