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“There will be a digital fatigue” Laszlo Nemes

“People at some point will understand that they don’t want to spend money on an experience they can experience at home” says first time director and film devotee Laszlo Nemes of the digital cinema experience.

The director of award winning ‘Son of Saul’ critiques the influence of producers, lobbyists and digital projector manufacturers in determining whether cinemas show film prints or DCP files and asserts that the practice of getting money off people to watch “television in a cinema” will loose its appeal. When questioned whether video can be post produced to replicate film Nemes replied, “It is a total hoax”, the two art forms are different and should both be preserved as separate art forms; watching a living, chemical film is an “entirely different experience” to watching static pixels on a computer screen. .

Listen to Laszlo Nemes talk to the BBC’s ‘The Film Programme’

Image from The Hollywood Reporter