Why we film

WHY WE FILM – help kickstart this film into production!

New York Public Library archivist and producer, Elena Rossi-Snook, will present the glories of FILM in ‘Why We Film’, a documentary that she is producing on behalf of the Association of Moving Image Archvists Film Advocacy Task Force, partly funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

Rossi-Snook is tirelessly passionate about film (sign up to the kickstarter campaign and you will see, her enthusiasm is infectious). Is it the tactile manipulation that film demands which makes it so special, or maybe the it’s the biochemical feedback that it inspires in it’s audience? Perhaps it’s simply because film cannot be topped. At least not from an archival perspective.

With only DAYS to go before the kickstarter campaign ends, there are still plenty of great rewards for donors, ranging from classic movie posters to pitch approval/rejection letters, film prints from the New York Public Library to guided tours around the Kodak factory.

Rossi-Snook is more than pleased to give you a taste of what is to come in the film:

“First, we’re recording interviews.  Lots of interviews.  We don’t like conjecture.  We don’t read blogs.  We do, however, like spending the time and money to sit down with the archivist at Warner Bros. to talk about whether we’ll be able to watch CASABLANCA in 2085 (the answer is yes since it’s on film).  If someone mentions Kodak, we then get on the horn with Kodak.  If someone theorizes about the effects of projected film on the brain, we call on the neurocinematic  scientists and we move heaven and earth to talk to Barbara Flückiger who is managing the multi-year research project “Analog vs. Digital. The Emotional Impact of Film Recording Processes on the Audience.”  If a filmmaker makes a point to work with film…well, we’re talking to you Martin Scorsese and David O. Russell.”

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