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The Badlands Collective are doing GOOD things

When this trio aren’t busy making films, writing on films or prompting institutions to show more 35mm films, they are programming great film events, and try to always project on film. Philip Concannon, Ian Mantgani and Craig Williams believe in cinema.

During the recent BFI event with Christopher Nolan, Tacita Dean and Alexander Horwath, one of the Collective questioned Heather Stewart, moderator of the event and Creative Director of the BFI, why none of Andrej Tarkovsky’s films would be projected on film during the Tarkovsky retrospective held at the BFI during this October and November. This led to Stewart conceeding that the BFI could do more to show titles in the medium they were intended to be shown.

Bravo Badlands Collective!


Visit the Badlands Collective’s website for full programme details